• creative 4.5
    Make an impact!
    Unleash your individuality and creativity to ignite the exclusive technology of the creative™ 4.5 sewing and embroidery machine. Are you ready to make an impact?
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  • PFAFF® Original IDT™ System
    What makes it
    so perfect?
    PFAFF® Original IDT™ System. The ultimate in piecing perfection. See the video and read more.
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    Be Smart. Be Original.
    With smart features and a unique design, the SMARTER BY PFAFF™ 160s sewing machine is up to the challenge of helping you express your individuality.
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  • quilt ambition 2.0
    Expand your quilting expertise!
    With specially selected quilt stitches and two additional presser feet, the quilt ambition™ 2.0 sewing machine allows you to find your inner quilting star!
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  • creative sensation pro
    Experience the art of sewing perfection with the ultimate sewing and embroidery machine:
    creative sensation pro
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Precision Piping

Original IDT™ System
– Integrated Dual Feed from PFAFF®. The ultimate in piecing perfection.

See the video!